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Thread: How hard is your wrestling practice?

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    How hard is my wrestling practice?

    Harder than yours. No school works harder than my school, and that is why when it comes to overtime, you may be better than me, but I've got plenty in the tank to get that takedown when it matters the most.
    What school team are you on?
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    South Elgin - It's in Illinois

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    The practices that we have are way harder than a match. I would give it 12 on how hard it is. For example yesterday we went over one move for 20 minutes full speed, then we were live we got in groups of 6 and they would number you off, then #1 and #2 would wrestle for 2:00 min then #3 comes in and two goes out and do the same thing. Then you would continue the patern through Guy #6 Then its Guy#2 turn to do what guy#1 did. Then we would run ladders and do 50 yard sprints. Then we will return the next day and do the same thing.

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    We do similar things, except we usually don't group up. If we do, it's groups of 3 and we do the same thing. We usually do live with a partner, and after a few 3-5 minute periods we switch to a different partner.

    We also have "Red Flag Days" about once a week or so, which is a day where we do hard drills to warm up and get loose, and then after that, we go live from 4 to 6. They're tough but great days for getting in shape.

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    I will say about a 7.
    6am - Weight lifting
    3-3:30pm - Basic drilling
    3:30-4pm - Practice takedowns, throwdowns, and other basic stuff
    4pm-5pm - Live wrestling in groups of 4 were one guy wrestlers everyone, then we rotate
    5-5:45 - Conditioning(Sprints, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, bear crawls, etc)
    5:45-6:30pm - More live wrestling
    6:30 - 7pm - Wrestle with a partner non-stop

    We have a fairly easy routine, hard for beginners for some reason but after a week or two they get use to it.
    But every once and a while we have an intense practice that makes you want to quit. Those are fun.

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    Wow.Mine would be around a 5-6 compared to what you guys do.
    We lift every other day during the season. We run one mile 2-4 times a week. Practice in the matroom lasts an hour and a half everyday. We don't have any morning practices. We do basic drills and takedowns with some live situations for the first hour. Then for the last 30 minutes we do 3 live matches with 3 different guys. All the lifting and running is either before or after practice depending on the day.

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    i would say 10 at 6 at school we lift for hour.
    after school conditioning for 30 minutes
    30min drills
    45min live wrestling
    30-45min weights

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    4 because we do a 100 pushups and situps, sometimes 2-3 eightcounts. then we do cougar drills.(which is when every time the coach blows the whistle you sprowl and scream cougars. and spell out cougars while doing pushups,situps, sidezits, mountain climbers. and the coach blows the whistle fast so you have barley or no time to sprowl again. 10 mins in total and 2 min peroids.) we do alot of drilling and live wrestling.

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