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Thread: How would you wrestle this guy?

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    Default How would you wrestle this guy?

    I was searching for new wrestling videos to learn some new moves or just to practice with and came across this guy who wrestles that has no arms or legs. I think it's awesome that the guy has the guts to compete. I got thinking about it though and it would be kind of hard to actually wrestle the dude, too. A lot of moves wouldn't be available to a competitor given no arms or legs. Some things would seem to be illegal to do. Check it out though:
    [ame=""]High School Wrestler - Video[/ame]

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    This is what is so great about wrestling. Guys like this, Nick Ackerman, and Anthony Robles compete at one of the highest levels.

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    I had the opprtunity to watch him at the state meet. I would have loved to of seen him place, however the first wrestler did show how to stop this young man. However what he did accomplish making it to Sate's in Ohio is great.

    The whole crowed of about 12,000 gave this young man about a 10 minute stand ovation.

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    I would not like to wrestle him, it would be VERY awkward and confusing.

    I guess his disability somehow gives him some advantages. But he does work very hard and I applaud him for that.
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    I must admit that I've seen several people wrestle now with such disabilities, and I must admit that they are almost always really tough opponents to beat.

    For one, and for those without both legs (or ones who have even one leg), their upper bodies are a million times stronger than their opponents, as they don't have the weight of the legs factoring in during weight ins. This makes them very strong for their weight class.
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    To answer the initial question, you'd want to control his head and focus on go-behinds. "Bull Rushing" him might seem like a logical choice, but odds are he's seen it happen so many times he know exactly how to counter it. Of course if you get double under hooks and can control the position he will also be at a disadvantage because you have the length advantage.

    and Prodigy- you are completely right in thinking this 'disability' has many advantages. He wrestles people with your body style every day, so he knows you. He knows how to wrestle in the position he forces you to get in. He is familiar with how his body moves, you aren't. He, like Ban said, will have a significant amount more strength than his opponents. He will know how to tie up with you, you won't.

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    Default Re: How would you wrestle this guy?

    take a tripod stance, like the msu strangler, close the gap carefully, head snap or arm drag for a go-behind, cut loose, and go again.
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    thats Klye Maynard

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    from Georgia not Ohio

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