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Thread: referee rules and decisions unfair?

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    Default referee rules and decisions unfair?

    i just had a recent wrestling match and i was called for a pretty dumb reason. i was on bottom and the guy on top cross-faced me with his arm in my mouth, he forced his arm in and started making a scene were it left bite marks, i was then called for it and disqualified, i have no reason why the guy still wanted to wrestling after doing this dick move.

    -it was an upset match against poway for third place, i was losing at first then tied at the end of the round by near fall and almost pin but time ran out, and third round was when this occurred

    is this usual, what's your opinion about this

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    Default Re: referee rules and decisions unfair?

    I personally haven't had any issues with unfair calls from refs, but many of my teammates have gotten bad calls from them, a lot when wrestling poway. Sometimes refs don't see your point of view and make bad calls.
    On a side note:was this at the vista frosh/soph dual tourney?

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    Default Re: referee rules and decisions unfair?

    Most refs are going to look for a bite mark. With a cross face, generally there will only be one set of tooth marks (usually the top). If there are two sets - top and bottom - there was pressure put on by the lower jaw; that is, a bite. I suppose someone could crossface and jam their forearm so far into somebody's mouth that they would leave top and bottom marks - but I would think that the crossface alone would be cause for the ref to react. I am not saying that you intentionally bit the guy, but if there were top and bottom marks, you may have inadvertantly closed down on his arm.
    You are going to hear the following a lot if you stay in wrestling. The best way to protect yourself from bad calls is to make sure that you win so decisively that the ref isn't part of the decision.

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    Default Re: referee rules and decisions unfair?

    Keep your mouth closed.

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    Default Re: referee rules and decisions unfair?

    Quote Originally Posted by Badcat View Post
    Keep your mouth closed.
    haha, right?

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    Default Re: referee rules and decisions unfair?

    I have seen similar silly calls on several occasions. A few from recent memory...

    - In a heavyweight match last season our guy had his opponent pinned. The ref had already counted 4 and was about to call the pin when he noticed the slightest of a trickle of blood in the corner of the nose of the guy getting pinned. He stopped the match for blood...?

    - In a match my son was in he called out of bounds because the opponent was out. My son was in from his thighs down but the ref did not give credit for the takedown. Later in the same match the other guy took my son down out of bounds and only his feet from his ankles down were in and the ref called it a takedown.

    - I watched a match last year where the ref called pin but couldn't even see the shoulders. He was on the entirely opposite side from where the pin was occuring. I happened to be videotaping it and could see on camera that the guys shoulders were 3-4 inches off of the mat. how the ref called pin I do not know.

    My experience is that it is best to just get used to it. Many refs have no idea what they are doing and use their opinion and not what they see.

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    Default Re: referee rules and decisions unfair?

    Quote Originally Posted by Coach_D View Post
    Many refs have no idea what they are doing and use their opinion and not what they see.
    If their opinion isn't made based on what they see, what is it based on?

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    Default Re: referee rules and decisions unfair?

    This is a true story and happened about fifteen years ago. I may have posted it here awhile ago, but I think it's worth repeating.

    I was refereeing a kids’ tournament and in the closing seconds of the match, the top kid was losing by a score of about 12-4, but he had his opponent on his back with his legs over the down guy’s face. Time ran out and even with back points, he lost and went over to his coach, who was also his dad.

    Seconds later, the coach/dad came running out to me with his kid in his arms, and showed me a red mark on his leg. He said that the other kid had bitten his son and should be disqualified. I looked at the mark and it was wet, but there were no definite teeth marks. It looked like the kid’s leg had probably been pushed against the other kid’s mouth, but he probably had not actually been bitten. I told the father that I couldn’t call it unless I saw the bite happen or saw definite, fresh bite marks. The coach/dad was insistent to the point of being obnoxious, and would not accept my ruling.

    By now a crowd had gathered around us to see what was going on. Finally I said to him, “If I can get a dentist to say that this isn’t a bite, will that satisfy you?” He agreed, and I said, “Well I’m a dentist [which I am], and it isn’t a bite.” His face took on an astonished look, and he walked off the mat speechless.
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    Default Re: referee rules and decisions unfair?

    That is the new rule. You dont have to bite or do anything, if you're mouth is open and his arm ends up in there, if the ref sees it or there's a mark, you're DQ'd without any questions asked. It's kinda crappy seeming but that's how it goes.
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