To step into the wrestling room with new Windsor High School wrestling coach Monte Trusty is to step back in time.

<object classid="clsid<img src=" http:="""" images="" smilies="" biggrin.gif="" alt="" title="Big Grin" smilieid="3" class="inlineimg" border="0"></object>When WHS held its first practice Tuesday night, Trusty wore a shirt that read “A New Beginning.”
It may be a new journey for this crop of Wizard grapplers, but the Trusty family and its passion for wrestling have changed very little over the years.

Monte’s father, Milo (63), has worked to make the Trusty name synonymous with top-notch wrestling instruction for over 40 years.

Milo started the Matpac wrestling club in 1978. The club has produced 8 Team USA wrestlers. Monte told the Beacon with a smile that “I was the very first member.”