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Thread: How did your past week go?

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    Default How did your past week go?

    What did you improve on?

    How did the weekend matches go?

    Are you still excited about the season?!?!

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    Default Re: How did your past week go?

    My week has been pretty good for wrestling. I won the first official match I ever wrestled 10 to 9. Would have been 10 to 7 but the kid got a last second reversal. Scored 5 points in the third period to win.

    Next week I will definitely be improving on my stand ups, this week I mainly worked on take downs.

    I'm very excited about the season still and all this win did was make me more excited and made me want to try harder.

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    Default Re: How did your past week go?

    Football just ended here, wrestling starts this weekend

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    Default Re: How did your past week go?

    I had fun at a big tournament i went to, 13 schools. I took 2nd, it was my first tournament ever and this is my first year wrestling so i was excited haha

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    Ye, I really did. My legs were sore and my body was out of place, but I still loved it! I had to cut a lot to make 125 and hydrated on top of that. Thankfully I did get cert. at 125. Now I have a tournament on December 18,2010 on a Saturday. My hard work and training this past summer will pay off in my first tournament of the season! Scrim. with 2 teams and did pretty good against the kids.

    And hell yea I am still excited! =)

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