Just thought I'd share a bit with you guys, and ask for some opinions. This is for anyone who's ever had back pain and decided to "push" through it, or any sort of pain for that matter.

Two days ago I found out I've got a herniated disk between my L4-L5 vertebrae. I can't do anything at all and I'm restricted to bed rest, and, if i'm lucky, around the 6 week mark I should show improvement, but if it doesn't, my season won't start. I think the injury first started 3 months ago at soccer practice, when I was doing a sprint on the track and felt a sharp pain in my back, after which I couldn't move hardly at all. Doctors at the time thought it was just muscle spasms in the back and gave me lots of meds for pain.

At conditioning the other week I noticed my back started to hurt again, but I thought it may have just been from not wrestling for a year or from not stretching properly. Soon it became extremely painful and I went to see the athletic trainer, who pulled, pushed, stretched, and flexed me in all sorts of directions; she thought I had a fractured vertebrae and suggested I get an x-ray to be sure. Later that day I went and got a CT scan and found out about my herniated disk. I was told not to do anything, and the soonest I can get into an actual doctor (I went to the ER for the CT scan) is the 25th, the same day as my alpha weigh-in.

So, take it how you want, but don't push through pain, despite what your coaches or anyone tells you. Pushing through soreness is fine, not pain. Chances are, if I would have just taken it easy, my disk would have healed by now.

So, if someone was in my situation, what would you do? Not wrestling this year isn't a possibility, I HAVE to. Riding a stationary bike wouldn't hurt my back, so I figured I could do that instead of practicing, to prepare for alpha. I'm actually afraid to do anything before I go to the doctor, but I can't until the 25th.