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    keep the wrist tight, roll through, and elevate with your legs.

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    try not to focus to much on a 2 on 1. Before you start to get into tilting you should get comfortable with the Chop. The chop is like the tilt except that instead of elevating his legs you crowd their hips.

    CHOP- you shift your weight to be able to reach around their waist completly and tightly. then keeping it tight you shift back and block them by sticking your knee through the whole and placing it on their thigh. then break them down and go to your SIDE NOT YOUR BACK. the leg with which you initially blocked with will be at a 45 degree angle and the other legs knee will be in the persons butt blocking them

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    If you're just learning the tilt, forget the two on one for the moment, as it gives many people a problem when they're first learning this move. The easiest way to get this thing down is to do a Hook and Holster (from the chop you grab his left wrist with your right hand and then using your left hand you grab his arm at the crook of his elbow) this will give you more control. Remember, as you're working to get this hold you should have all your weight on your knee or butt should be on the mat. Now, it's time to "load up" your opponet... Drop your left knee to the mat to block his left knee and pull him over it..when his shoulder hits the mat drive all your weight onto his shoulder and face...QUICKLY hop to the other side and block his right knee with your right knee, put your right temple on the mat as far underneath his body as you possibly can and pull him over top of you. To finish it off put your left knee under his ass and elevate his hips. This will also keep him from rolling through. REMEMBER to keep the hook and holster TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT!!

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    You're probably not getting enough momentum. When you have the 2 on 1, back up a little from the side you're going to roll, so you're on his side. Then just do a huge dive straight in to the tilt.

    Most times the problem is people trying to get them over the roll only use their arms. It's a lot easier when you dive and throw your body weight in with it.

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