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Thread: Technique in this video?

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    This guy has some awesome technique, I was wonder what technique from this video you can point out and help explain how I can be able to do them too. Thanks.

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    What I saw from this vid was a guy that was in constant motion - quick off the whistle and moving, moving, moving. Give me people who are quick, and who are willing to move like this, and I will create champions with simple, basic moves.

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    He is always working for hand control off of bottom also,
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    The first few shots are low singles. He is circling to make them step and as the foot is touching the mat he attacks it. The reason for doing this is because you can't immediately re-shift your weight after taking a step.

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    He is very good off the whistle. Try to practice your reaction time to the whistle. That is something you can actually train, just have a friend blow a whistle and you have to react and get off bottom position as fast as possible.

    He is also very good at hand control from the bottom position. Make sure you always have control of their hands as you get up off the whistle. And push them away.

    He is very fast and active. This is hard to maintain through out the match unless you have excellent cardio, so make sure you train your cardio a lot.

    And Scholttke, I didn't notice that, nice point. I will try that out in my wrestling season.
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    Lots of switches.
    He has good wrist control.
    Nice Grip.
    Fast Reaction
    Uses his hips correctly

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    I think the vid has been taken down because of copyright violations, perhaps because of the can I download it....

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