I just entered high school and I am really interested in wrestling. I weigh about 184 pounds and I am about 5'5". As you can see, I'm not really active but lately I've taken huge interests in sports. I really want to lose weight and also gain some mass. I am taking weight training at the moment and I have noticed some improvements. Anyway, enough of the intro; my weight certification is tomorrow and the first day of practice is on the 15th. I've been going online and watching wrestling videos, tutorials, and first-day-of-practice stories (that's how I found this forum hehe). From what I've read, wrestling sounds extremely tough, not that I thought it was easy at all though. Anyway, I was talking to my coach a few days ago and he was telling me how only the tough survive and what not, but what really bothered me was when he mentioned cutting people. As a first time wrestler, I'm scared of getting cut because I suck and won't really get any chance to learn. Did I misinterpret what he said?

On to my second question...I know that the first week or two are just conditioning. I read that conditioning involves a lot of running. I am not necessarily a slow runner, but I am not fast either. I have been going on the treadmill and running a mile the past 2 weeks or so and have gotten times of 10-11 minutes. I don't get time to run everyday, but I managed to get 6 runs in. How many miles do they usually make you run during practice?

Also, how long is practice? Is it every day after school? I'm afraid wrestling might hurt my GPA. Has it hurt yours? Also, what do you usually do on the first day?

Thanks in advance!