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    My schools first match is tommorow and im going to be wrestling varsity for the 152lb weight class. I've been wrestling now for MAYBE three weeks and i'm scared/nervous shitless about tomorrow. Im a junior and its my first year and I just know that no matter how hard i try it just wont be good enough against guys more experienced than me. I'm very athletic, im fast and pretty strong. My teammates told me that im a natural and im catching on pretty quick, and at the end of practice when we wrestle live i normally wrestle with the varsity guys on the team. Most of the time they beat me but i always put up a good fight. I dont want to sit hear and talk your ears off so ill get to the point. How do I go out tomorrow and show people that I have potential? The thing i've been worried about the most is looking weak and getting pinned in the first 20 seconds. How do I stop that? Im really quick, so every time i shoot i can get that leg at will but its when i get them down and im on top when i get confused and dont know what to do......please i need all the help i can get. Thanks!
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    weather you believe you can or you can't you already have. you should work on your confidence first b/c you are already telling us that you're going to lose.

    words of the wise: if you don't move you can't score. if you can't score than your opponent will. if you're not escaping or reversing, you're getting pinned.

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    yea i understand what your saying. Dont get me wrong though. I know im strong, fast, and i have a never give up attitude but i just like to look at things realistically. I guess that could be a good or bad thing?

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    One thing: don't worry about it. Go out there, wrestle your match and don't be afraid. Don't stay static and forget to open up your offense just because it's your first varsity match. Work what you've learned so far, and use your athleticism to your advantage. If you think about it, it's not like you're in such an awful position: it's your third week wrestling, it's not like you're going out there and everyone's expecting you to win. On the flipside, if you DO win, it's a great confidence booster, you'll have gotten some experience and I promise you there'll be parents/teammates on the stands waiting to congratulate you. That's not to say that you should go out like you're not wrestling to win - stay concentrated and focus, and believe you're good enough to hang with anyone else out there; but when it comes down to it, you should just enjoy having the ability to go out and get great competition wrestling for your varsity team.

    Win or lose, stick with it man. Everybody has to take their lumps at the beginning, but from what I can tell about you from your post, that phase shouldn't last too long. Good luck.

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