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    Last year as a 7th grader I got 2nd in region and this year I will be wrestling someone who also got 2nd in region last year at a different weight class. I've heared he went to a lot of camps and gotten a lot better. I also went to some camps and lifted REALLY hard in the offseason (raised bench max by 30 lbs and squat by 20 lbs) so I just wanted some advice on how to wrestle him. Thanks

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    My best advice is to enjoy yourself.
    Sorry I've never wrestled as of yet.

    But in all honesty, go in with a good attitude about it and beleive you can win, I know it cliched but to an extent it's true.

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    Have the Right "Mindset" Go in there thinking you will win, Don't go in there scared or too Soft; Go in there and make him wrestle your match, You have to be pretty damn good yourself so don't Will over to him. If you are really Agressive Then make your self even more aggresive, If you know his weak points use them against him, Try to find as much information as you can about him. Sooner or later the match will come, lets hope you walk right over him.
    Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one.

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    Yeah that part about believing you can win is good. Ill admit that I am arrogant and always step on the mat thinking that im just going to dominate and so far its worked pretty good.

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    weather you believe you can or you can't, you already have

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