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    I found my new love, TILTS!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem is i cant pull them off going live. Drilling them im fine but when i go live they dont seem to work. Any tips, drills?

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    im right there with you, i love tilts. But the key is just to keep working them in drills and ull get them down, as for drills, just like start on top with a fellow wrestler, do watevr tilt you want, keep him like that till he wiggles out. then have him work to his base, escape, takedown and repeat.

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    the key to tilts is keeping your hips in tight and your lock tight, you need that wrist as tight as possible, while keeping him in your hips with his legs elevated. if you can hit a good tilt you'll hold the guy for a 5 count easy, and once you can chain a few together you can get huge points in just a minute from a series of tilts

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    when I am teaching tilts, I emphasize the lock or control b/c that is what usually keeps the wrestler on his back. close hips and walking your leg is just to make sure you can get 3 points instead of 2. I find that the kids that learn stacks first do better at tilts than the ones that learn tilts first.

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    What exactly is going wrong with your tilt? There are normally three things that go wrong.

    1. I can't turn him over: You need to load up the pressure toward your opponents head. When you initiate the roll, make sure your hips are tight, the wrist and elbow are locked, Your elbow hits the inside of your oppents thigh, tuck the head as far underneath as you can, and he's going to go over.

    2. He rolls through: This is attributed to two things, you weren't tight enough to your opponent and/or you didn't get your leg up in time to stop momentum of his legs/hips.

    3. My opponent bellies down: This one is my favorite, but it's hard to explain, so I'll do my best. Lets say to get the two on one with his left arm and he goes flat. Jump to the right side and pressure the head so hard that he starts to in one motion, jump to the other side, using your head to block his shoulder, and roll him over the top of you.

    Hope these tips help.

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