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Thread: Hand fighting, Varsity,and the 112's.

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    Men Hand fighting, Varsity,and the 112's.

    Ok so I am a freshmen and I am 5'2 wrestling the 112's and I am going to be on Varsity. I am not a awesome wrestler, it is just that there is only one person who is my weight and that person is freshmen too(I could kick his butt up and down the mat). Ok so there was this tourny And they divided this one up and it was Freshmen/Sophmores and Juniors/Seniors. We wrestle and I find out that this guy is pretty aggresive but he won't shoot. So we spend most of the first period feeling each other out. He shoots, I stuff the takedown and get around and put my legs in, I almost get points when the whistle blows. The next periods go fundemtally the same and I end up winning 5-0. The next guy is kinda aggressive but he takes me down and I try to get up he brings me back down we end up in a awkward postition but he gets it and pins me. Next guy is a beast(7 year wrestler, Sophmore) he mess me up into shooting I end up getting took down as I get up he slams me and bars my arm and runs it. I get pinned. I figured out the problem but don't know how to fix it. I am not a good standing wrestler and everybody is a good top wrestler. Any tips on hand fighting? Also I used to have a problem with wrestling tall people, is that why I am hestiate to shoot on anybody?

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    ok well one of the biggest things is head possition, u have great head possision and it shut people down. As for hesitating on shots, i think many newer people do, i was, but because of the off season iv gotten better

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    for bottom, one thing I do with the kids I coach is teach them how to get reversal and stay in position to get reversal. this usually acts as a deterrent for riders b/c they are more concerned with getting reversed or reversed and pinned. makes it easier to escape. sounds like you are fighting to much to get 1 point when you should be looking to get 5, the guys you're wrestling sound like they are not worried about getting reversed for 5 b/c you're more concerned about trying to just stand up as oppose to scoring. from bottom, I recently learned that hand fighting and gaining wrist control is a big no no if you're the bottom wrestler. after almost 15 years of being told to get wrist control it's a hard habit to break. wrist control from bottom should only be gained once your in position to score. as for your shooting issue, i find that younger wrestlers don't shoot effectively b/c they lack experience of properly setting up the shot. once I can get a young wrestler to get a good set up down I find they start shooting like crazy. try getting comfortable with a certain series of setups first and see if that helps.

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    It seems that the problem is that I hestite on my shots. But I am not a newbie, it seems that when I used to wrestle bigger(taller) I got hesatinte of my shots.

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    then you should work on getting comfortable with shooting on taller people. When you practice, choose someone taller than you and eventually you'll learn to be comfortable shooting on taller people.

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    oh also, wrestle ppl more your weight, it sounds like u wrestle up a good amount, which is the same thing with me. I wrestle WAY higher than my weight so whenever i shoot in if it isnt extremely clean i get stuffed, but if you practice aggainst ppl your weight i think you will notice that you are a lot better than you think

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    I wrestle 112's but I weigh 122.9 naturally. But I used to wrestle taller people and I got scared of shooting I just got to get better. I should give alittle bit of background.... I wrestled middle school which is like just double legs,sit-outs, and halfs. Maybe a butcher or two. Then I club wrestled for one year, which is like alittle bit less than JV wrestling. But because I only did that for one year I got all the skills they just got to be refined. My dream is to one day to go to the Olympics. But thats aways off. Anyway I ride legs, so any tips?

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