Former 3 time Delaware State Champion 4 time NCAA qualifier ex St. Marks Coach Steve Bastianelli inducted into Delaware Sports Hall of Fame By David A. Willauer-Delaware Editor of Wrestling USA

Chase Riverfront Center
Wilmington, DE
Wednesday, May 20, 2010

It was a proud night for the Bastianelli family after father Herm was inducted in 2003, son Steve, a 3 time Delaware State Champion from Sussex Central High School along with winning a 1980 EIWA title at Lehigh University followed in his fathers footsteps as he was inducted into the 2010 Delaware Sports Museum Hall of Fame ceremonies that was held at the Chase Riverfront Center in Wilmington.

While at Sussex Central High School in Georgetown, DE, he carried a career record of 84 wins along with 0 losses and won with 3 Delaware State Titles and won several Junior Olympic titles, a first team High School All American and finished in fourth place in the Olympic Trials. He comes from an athletic family of 7 kids, 5 boys along with 2 girls. The other 4 brothers in the Bastianelli household that won Delaware State Wrestling titles were Dan, Mark, and Paul.

After graduation from Sussex Central in 1976, Steve enrolled at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA where started on the team for 4 years 3 of those years wrestled at 118 pounds where he finished in 4th, 3rd and 2nd place. In 1980, in his senior year after getting defeated in the wrestle offs at 118 by freshman Rich Santoro, moved up to 126 pounds won an EIWA title. Some of his toughest competitors were Gene Mills out of Syracuse University.

In 1980 after graduating from Lehigh University, Steve was named the head wrestling coach at St. Marks High School and here are the accomplishments he has done, in his first year, his first state finalist was Don Valencia who finished in 2nd place at 185 pounds in 1981 at Caesar Rodney High School, in 1982, his first state champion in 1982 was Brian Burbage at 98 pounds, one of his other wrestlers who won the NCAA Division I Wrestling Tournament at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN was Sheldon Thomas. For 23 years and the credentials that Steve Bastianelli has done, won 10 state wrestling titles, finished in second place 8 times along with a career record at St. Marks High School with a 201 wins 79 losses and 2 times, scheduled some of the toughest teams in the nation. He also mentored 58 individual state champions along with 131 state runnerups. Was named Delaware Wrestling Coach of the Year 3 times and has served as president and vice president of the organization.

Steve Bastianelli's acceptance speech to the Delaware Hall of Fame induction ceremoniies: "I'd like to thank the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame Committee, my father and my nephew Jason for nominating me." "As I look in this program book there is a very diverse group of people here but as different as we all are there is all of us here and I think this is an ongoing pride to be a part of the state of Delaware." "The first I stepped on a mat in PA I had to represent myself and showed these guys this person from Delaware was to be treated with respect." "I attended Lehigh University I felt that my states repetition was with me and after I graduated from Lehigh, I was named wrestling coach at St. Marks." "Our team faced many challenges and goals, were invited in our first invitational tournament in PA our team scored 2 points and the teams went well." "The more we progressed we continued to be that team from Delaware of how things changed." One time we were invitited in a high school wrestling invitational in NJ for 5 years. "After that the tournament director didn't invite us back we were too good." "It is honor and the support of the fans that I have been blessed to be part of a high school program coached by my father (Herm) taught us how to compete to and to coach." "While at Lehigh University they taught me how to compete in one of the top programs in the country." "I'll never forget my wrestling coach Thad Turner sat me down and told what was expected of me as an athlete he said he expects me to learn from every match I wrestle except the last one the last one." "I was fortunate to be a part of the St. Marks Wrestling program for 23 years along with my long time assistant Bill Valencia and my nephew Jason who took over the program after I stepped down and did a great job." "But most of all I like to thank my lovely wife in Karen Sue who has been a true blessing to me." "Thank you for this great honor for nominating me to the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame."[/quote]