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    Last season was my coach's first year being head coach and the first thing he would make us do to start off practice every other day was lift. Then after the lift we wrestled and did cardio, like any other wrestling practice. Many of my teammates including me were not fans of this but that didnt stop our new coach.

    So i'm searching for a valid reason why we shouldnt do this because I heard you can get injured easily and you get no muscle gains. Google is no help at all.

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    Google is no help proving it won't put on muscle and injure you easier because its not true. If you warm up and lift properly it is no different than lifting after.

    It might make more sense to lift after in most cases because your main focus should be on technique and learning wrestling. If you're tired from lifting heading into the actual practice you aren't as likely to pay attention as well. At the very least he may want to rotate the lifts from before to after every other time.

    Starting out a question suggesting the coach doesn't know what he is doing because it was his first year gets you nowhere. There is a reason he is the coach and you are the athlete - your job is to listen to him, not critique him.

    You could suggest lifting after practice instead but going into that discussion with the attitude that you have right now isn't going to accomplish much. I would suggest that you and your team mates examine the lack of respect you seem to have for your coach before making any suggestions on how to run the practice. If you aren't winning Super 32 this weekend and don't have a couple Fargo national titles I don't think you're in much of a place to be offering up more than just your opinion.

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    I have to agree with Schlottke. I've been a coach or an official for the past 12 years, and a head coach the past three. I've seen guys lift at all different times--before practice, after practice, even in the middle of practice--and they all had reasons for doing it when they did, and very good reasons as well. I spent three years as an assistant for a guy who is now in the Hall of Fame and he had all his teams lift before practice.

    I would also ask why it is that you don't think you should lift before practice? Simply telling your coach that you don't want to do it that way isn't really a justifiable reason for change. What is it about lifting before you don't like? That may help us answer your question.
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    It was mostly the sprinting that many of us didn't agree with. After squating and leg pressing it doesnt feel right. And I don't complain much but the reason why I am now is because my old coach got pissed when he heard this. He tells us that you could pull a muscle easily and you'll minimize your gains. He tried telling my new coach but he doesnt wanna listen.

    And all I heard before my new coach was after lifting was just drink my protein, eat some carbs and rest.

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    well i am an athlete and have no real fact that backs up what i am thinking, but i think lifting before practice is a great thing. yes it makes you fatigued for practice, but i think that is a good thing, because if you learn moves and practice moves while fatigued and tired it will make it that much easier when you are in a match or touney and at 100%. Also about it making it easier for you to pull muscles, i dont see how that is true. It make it so your muscles should be looser, so long as you get in a really good streach you should be fine. And also like every1 else has said you really have to respect your coach, just because he is new doesnt meen anything. I think when you truely respect your coaches it makes you work much harder just so you can prove yourself to them. As for getting to the point where you respect him, learn about his wrestling past, and accomplishments he has had, mabe when you see that he is the real deal and knows what he is doing it will help you in actually respecting him cause i can garentee he deserves it.

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