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Thread: tips on underhook

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    In practice i just started to really have constant pressure in the stand up and have found that i will end up getting a pretty tight underhook with either wrist control or an overhook on the other side. I am almost always wrestling up during practice aggainst people that are too heavy for me to do a judo toss like i would usually do, so are their any other good setups or tricks to get a really clean shot?

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    With the underhook and wrist control, you can move towards the side of the underhook and drop down to a single. With the over-under, you can pummel the overhook in while keeping the underhook. From there you can do a bear hug or a double(my coach calls it a bully double, I'm not sure of other names).

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    ok thx man

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    no problem man

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    You can switch to just an underhook with good positioning and from there you have a whole new series to work from. Also, If you're in an over-under position, you can snap to the mat so both you and the opponents feet are on the mat, then quickly get off your knees and drive him over with a knee tap. It's quick and subtle.

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    I worked a lot from the under-hook. You can hit a fireman's with an under-hook, shoot a whip single or work a series of duckunders from there.
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    thx guys

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    I just want to give a huge tip on underhooks that a lot of people miss, head position. If you just have the underhook or even with wrist control, drill your head in your opponents temple. Not only is it annoying and will get to them but it makes dropping to a single like moochaka said, since it makes you on more of an angle to them.

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    As Michigan said, head posiiton is critical with an underhook (and in any tie-up really). I like to take the underhook, dig the head in tight, take a step back with my far leg (right leg if I have a left side underhook), and as your opponent steps forward with his left leg to stay square with you, come underneath your underhook and blast a high crotch.

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