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    Ive recently seen many ppl in NCAA take shots with a backstep or they backstep before they penetrate. Whats the difference between that and the way i was taught which is to just step-drop-slide without a backstep?

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    With a backstep you can tweak your angle of penetration. Also you can use it to get into a rhythm. It is very effective!!

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    You also might get your opponent moving toward you, which will also help your takedown.
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    Back step gives you the level change that you need to help clear the head and hands it also loads you up for penetration. Turn your back step foot 90 degrees, more surface on the mat.

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    so should i pratice backstepping now or stick to the way i was taught

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinknikes View Post
    so should i pratice backstepping now or stick to the way i was taught
    master what you have been taught first,cofidience is key! Then get cofident with the different angles of backstepping,the launch is very effective once you get the timing down. It's just like a tension break in golf where you slightly move your hands forward before going into your back-swing; backstepping is also a great way to draw-in, relax and set-up your opponet, your in so fast that he/she never knew what hit them.

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