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    for our punishments we do wall sits and i wanted to see what everyone does some thing different??????????!!!!!!!!!

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    Apple Valley always made people who broke rules run a ton of extra sprints.

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    We make our guys watch Jordan Oliver wrestle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    We make our guys watch Jordan Oliver wrestle.

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    The past three years we had our guys run sprints, do mat drills, or up downs. However I think that this year I will require guys that get in trouble to argue with Jamen until they conivince him that Iowa is a fantastic team of wonderful and upstanding young men and that Tom Brands is a great human being and the greatest wrestling coach in the NCAA for the past 10 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    We make our guys watch Jordan Oliver wrestle.
    Now that's tough love.

    Our coach has whoever is being punished go into the center circle of the mat as the rest of the guys jog around the outside of the mat. The guy on the inside has to win his way out - if he can get three consecutive takedowns on three different opponents, then he gets out of the center. But if he doesn't, he has to stay in the middle and keep wrestling (so, if he took the first two guys down, but the third one takes him down, he has to start all over). Doesn't sound that hard at first, but on that third bout, coach would always send in a tough guy to wrestle with you, almost assuring that you'd have to go another round. Now, if you were a tough guy, he'd just go in there by himself :P. At first you start out strong, but as you keep going for 7-8 bouts and you continue to wrestle a fresh guy every time, you get tired and it gets tougher and tougher. It's brutal, but fortunately I've avoided it so far by staying within the boundaries.

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    i punish my kids by making them sit out of the following tournament no matter what it is. No on has broken any of my rules they take me pretty serious about stuff like this. as a light punishment I make them wrestle me the whole day, that is usually enough to make them not want to break rules. last kid that I wrestled with the whole day spend the first 30 minutes trying to convince me to let him go when he tapped out, that was too funny for me atleast. I personally find that physical punishment doesn't have a lasting effect like pulling them from a tournament. Most of these kids can care less how hard practice is as long as they can wrestle in the dual meets and tournaments.

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    My wrestlers have to sit out in the hallway in timeout. ok, I'm a youth's tough love for this age.

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    my coach makes us do wall sits, sprints, drills we dont do during practice, buddy carrys, buddy pull ups, all of the above.

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