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    my coach makes us do wall sits, sprints, drills we dont do during practice, buddy carrys, buddy pull ups, all of the above.
    Buddy pullups? Sorry but does anybody get more than one?
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    lol u dont have the person on ur back lol, we had a ladder hanging that we could so workouits off of every now and then, but the buddy pull ups r ur like back to back with ur legs locked and u gotta do pullups together and stuff, after a while thr is always 1 kid that cant do more and u gotta like pull them up with u using ur legs, its weird but gets fairly challenging

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    My coach makes us run these things called "ball-busters". No one's ran one in a while, they suck. Run down our hall outside the wrestling room, up two flights of stairs, back down and back down the hall, all in under about :50 usually. Doesn't really sound hard but after running a few, they blow.
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    my oaches actually do the same thing, and somtimes they will have us in a stance and the person at the end has to jump over every1, then get in thr stance to the end of the hall, and also buddies carries up and down the hall, but they wont let us carry up the stairs

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    Our coach usually makes us do monkey rolls, those are horrible. If it's not that bad we just do sprawls.

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    If our coach get's really mad at us he makes us get on here and listen to Shlottke's's hell
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