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Thread: I started wrestling as a sophomore, now i'm a junior and i feel very behind.

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    Default I started wrestling as a sophomore, now i'm a junior and i feel very behind.

    I am currently in the pre-season of my junior year of wrestling. I only started as a sophomore and it was extremely difficult because most other kids had at least three years of experience. I am probably the most inexperienced wrestler on my team.

    I feel kind of like my coach didn't fully understand this and I missed out on a lot of the basics without much one on one time with him. This is evident in my wrestling, a lot of times i cant quite take somebody down, can't quite turn someone, i sit there in a leg ride without knowing where to go, things like that. I feel like I can't quite get deep enough in on my shots.

    Its also frustrating that I don't know how to use my muscle to my advantage in wrestling. I weigh 150 with no body fat and i'm five six. I don't know if I think of wrestling as too much of me trying to overpower someone and I need to work on my technique more, or I'm overpowering people in the wrong way or what.

    I'm going to talk to my coach and have him help me out with the most basic stuff, because I know a lot of techniques but I can't get to the point I can use them in a real match, but any tips and advice you have for me to try while I'm practicing would be great.


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    Default Re: I started wrestling as a sophomore, now i'm a junior and i feel very behind.

    sounds like you trouble is more in your understanding of being successful at wrestling and not wrestling. you have the common misconception that knowing a wrestling move is actual knowledge. when i teach one takedown like a double leg, I teach atleast 5 setups and 3 positions to hit the move. after I teach that I teach the defender how to counter with 3 counters, than the offensive 3 counters to that, than the defender to 2 counters to that, than the offensive 2 counters to that. real wrestling knowledge is knowing how to transition from one move or position to the next. you need to focus on setups and transitions from one position to the next to the next. if you are not able to take people down or turn them, you do not know technique you know moves. technique is knowing how to leverage a move or position to gain an advantage over an opponent. sadly your coach may not be able to help you b/c it sounds more like you have more of a mental block of thinking that muscle and knowing moves will equal success.

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