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Thread: Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

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    Default Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

    I am currently 128 and it one month away from preseason. Should I focus on staying down at 125's or bulk up to 130's?

    Me, personally, I have no idea what I want to do.

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    Default Re: Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

    Well, do you know your body fat % right now and how are you feeling at your current weight? If you feel a bit weak or not "Fully there" I'd say stay at 130 where you can wrestle with your full performance. However, if your body fat % is high enough where you can lose the 3 pounds and you think you'd wrestle with your full capability/potential, go ahead and drop it. 3 pounds is nothing and you have a long time before competing. If you are going to drop it, do it in a healthily.

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    Default Re: Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

    Currently I am 128.5 at about 8-9% body fat. Last year I was 8.2 or 8.5 if I recall correctly. I'm still not sure which one to do, practice starts in 2 days so I guess I'll check out how I feel at my current weight.

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    Default Re: Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

    why cant you stay at 128 and cut 3 pounds?

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    Default Re: Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

    I never said I couldn't, I'm just trying to see which would be the better option. I've seen wrestlers who decided to go up a weight class or stay at their natural weight and bulk up muscle weight instead of cut and they've done pretty good. I've got a good 4 or so months to gain muscle, but I don't know if I should do that or not. I'm trying to get as many opinions as possible, I'm going to ask the three coaches I'm currently working with to see what their opinion is.

    To clarify, because I have a messy style of writing, is that I have 2 options:

    A) Keep the weight I'm at and work towards losing weight
    B) Gain another 3-4 pounds of muscle and go 130's

    I'm not looking to cut anymore then around 4 pounds this year.

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    Default Re: Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

    Do you know how the competition is at the 2 weight classes? If competition doesn't really matter to you, then I'd just say go with 130. You won't be dead tired and dehydrated like other people when they cut craploads of weight at a time. Plus you'll be getting stronger as the season goes. My advice would be to stay there.

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    Default Re: Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

    Hardest weight classes last year were 119, 125, 160, and 189. yeah, I think I'll probably stay there, I asked the coaches today. One of them is putting me on a program to get stronger and the other suggested I stay 130. Third coach said if it were him he'd cut to 119, but I'd skip on that advice...

    Well, thanks everyone, time to get ripped haha.

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    Default Re: Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

    Haha, 119? Ugh, cutting doesn't always equal better outcomes. But anyway, glad we could help, good luck in your season!

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    Default Re: Stuck in the middle (weight wise)

    I'm a head coach and normally don't advocate much weight cutting but 3 pounds(unless you are just pure diesel and have around 4% body fat) is not that much. Honestly when the season starts you should lose that in a week of practice wearing a t shirt and shorts(unless you have been this entire summer very hard)
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