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    Kinda funny how other sports and other people from other sports feel about pain. Lot of complaining.

    Being hurt and being injured are totally different things.

    When was a time when you were hurt/injured and sucked it up and wrestled anyway?

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    I wrestled nearly every match "hurt" and I tell all of my wrestlers that they are going to have to wrestle hurt or not wrestle at all, it's just the nature of the sport, however I would never tell or allow any of my wrestlers to wrestle if they were injured.
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    Not me, but one of my teammates came back to practice after fracturing one of his metacarpus. It was mostly healed up, but was still technically broken. He went to a tournament ended up taking 4th, only due to his hand hurting before his match for 3rd.

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    Too many times. Never really thought about it like that though, it's why I'm proud to tell people what I do.

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    The boy got his LCL completely torn after the first tourny of the season during practice in his senior year. Wrestled the whole year with it and wore a brace all year. Got 4 time conference champ and 4 time sq but didn't place that year. Had placed the previous two years. Its a matter of state of mind. The next year at DIII was worse. Broken jaw, broken ribs, concussion, strep throat, and mono. 21 wins. Beat two all americans. Voted best freshman. Didn't go another year. Don't blame him. Insurance company sent thank you card.
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    Wrestled with a dislocated elbow. Had it popped back in and taped up during a tournament.
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    Clavicle cracked in 1st period and held on to win on just take downs.

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    Not me, but my buddy broke his arm in the first period of his first match at the state tourney. He basically wrestled all three periods without his right arm and lost by a point.

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    Seemed like everything hurt most of the time. In terms of actual injuries:

    I wrestled two tournaments with a separated shoulder. It did not go well.

    My last full season I wrestled with a torn hip flexor for a while, and beat some tough guys.

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