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Thread: Strenght and Endurance, Gladiator Training.

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    Completed nearly 2 months of Maximul strength, and I must say everything has improved. Most of my lifts (for 5rm) have increased by over 30 pounds! I wonder what my 1rm is. Anyways, time to start with another program, namely Zach Even-Esh's Gladiator Training [manual]. Just started off, so first week is going to be more experiemntal then anything (and stilla great workout!).

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    Monday 5/17/10:
    5x5 Barbell Squats 150lbs
    3x12 DB Reverse Lunges 30lbs
    3x10 Overhand Barbell Deadlifts 185lbs
    3x30sb* Plyo Split Squats
    2x1minute Farmer's Walk w/2 DB 35lbs
    2x1minute Farmer's Walk w/1 DB 45lbs

    *sb=second blast, many many as you can, as fast as you can!

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