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    Hi, im a Sophomore in High School, my season ended awhile back but im looking to start my offseason training because Track just ended. I wanted to know if it's possible for me to make the 189 weight class, im 200lbs and 6'2, im decently strong but im not all muscle. I know I can loose the fat and then 4-5 pounds of water weight before a weigh-in, but can I still put on some muscle/strength (not looking for bulk) without gaining too much weight?

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    Absolutely you should increase your strength. Don't worry about your weight at this point. If you eat properly with a minimum of treats (but do treat yourself occasionally), workout regularly, and lift as much as you are comfortable with, you will fall into the correct weight class. It may be 189 and it may be 215, but you'll be lean and mean wherever you wrestle.
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    I agree with Spider, focus on working out, training, and eating right and don't worry about your weight. If you focus on strength, conditioning, and technique your weight will take care of itself.

    Good luck
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