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Discuss Inside step penetration at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I am looking to make my shots more technically sound especially my high crotch. How ...
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    Default Inside step penetration

    I am looking to make my shots more technically sound especially my high crotch. How do you properly execute a inside penetration step? How low do I have to change my level? How deep do I step in? Do I jump in after the level change or just step? Do I slide on my laces? No detail is too small.

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    Default Re: Inside step penetration

    No sliding of the laces. Take a short penetration step pound the knee so it hits behind the heels of your opponent in you can stab the right hand then left behind the calf/ankle of the leg you are attacking bring your trail leg up right away look across the back turn the corner and go to the far knee and pop your hips and drive.

    This was an example for shooting to your opponents right leg penetrating with you right leg, sorry I meant to specify that.
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