I am just starting high school wrestling im a Sophmore in High School and This will be my 4th year of wrestling, just wondering if ill have a pretty decent chance this year and if anyone can tell me what some good moves to use in high school are im mostly a upper body wrestler and easily able to beat alot of the Seniors at my old school, i finished my past 3 years with these records

7th Grade- 16-14
8th Grade- 17-12
9th Grade- 27-10

Ive been foing fairly well and I finally got out of Wrestling for the Middle School even thoguh i was supposed to wrestle varsity in my Freshmen year my coach saw fit to put me as Team Captain for the middle school team, but based on what ive seen so far on different sites and alot of other matches when i went on the road with our varsity ill have my work cut out for me, So if anyone can give me any suggestions for a new high school wrestler on so moves that work really well and what i have in store for me for the next 3 years, im hoping to win state before i graduate in my senior year as well as maintain my steady records and finish this year with atleast 28 wins if possible.