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Discuss leg riding moves at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by sugarfoot So do you end up in almost a tilt like position? ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarfoot View Post
    So do you end up in almost a tilt like position?

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    What about the 3/4 nelson and cradles? How do you do these?

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    3/4 stack is from the Oklahoma ride. You could maybe try getting it from a leg in, but I don't see that happening. Oklahoma, you scoop the ankle up and it rests in the crook (back) of your knee. You go under the arm with your opposite arm (if your body is on the left side, your right arm goes under their left arm) and up to the neck, and you come up with the other arm and pull into your body. Hip down and keep the leg. I really liked far side cradles from one leg in and one leg crab. If you have the left leg in and right leg crab, just yank on their head and try to use your leg to push theirs up. If you give it enough pressure, eventually they will just break and give it to you. Just make it uncomfortable for them. Know what I mean? I had maybe 6 falls out of 16 this year from this moves.
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