So I'll start out with a little background information. I've only wrestled one year, although I've done other sports my whole life. Currenlty I weight 125lb, I have 6% body fat(yes I am still healthy!), I've kept in shape all year with bike riding and kicking boxing. I'm into my sophmore year of highschool now, I fell in love with wrestling last year and cannot wait for it too start this year, I was a very succesful wrestler last year and I hope I can maintain that this year, but too get to the point...someday I want too make it too nationals. I'm doing everything I can too make it happen, diet/practice/conditioning, I'll be doing collegiate and freestyle wrestling + several camps, but I know starting in highschool is a bit late. compared too most of the best my dream completely wack? If you need any other info just ask! Thanks in advance!