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Thread: Humiliating Holds

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    Hey guys, just found these pix and wonder if many of you have used them or had them used on you and which you think is the most humiliating. Perhaps you know of others even more so? Great forum and good luck to all you wrestlers....

    By the way I added a new photo to the thread "What are these called". Would be grateful if anyone could tell me what's going on in it!
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    hahah i use the figure 4 in the first pic all the time and i think getting spladled is the worst

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    Left-figure 4 the head. Middle-Spladle Cradle. Right-Looks like half to double grapes.
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    the figure 4 can be much worse if the guy really knows how to create pressure.

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    man i hate those humiliating pins
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    haha i know the kid doing the figure 4 in the 1st photo, hes a beast and state finalist and only in 10th grade, 135 this year

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    The last one is double grapes but we called it the "Saturday Night Ride"
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    Next thing ya know the figure 4...will be..The Tea

    My wife like's Crab Rides on Saturday night......I just kill me!!!

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    Your wife might have crab issues in general, beware.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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