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    After wrestling at a Big Invite we now have four guys with ringworm. what are your favorite remedies to get rid of this. We have been mopping the mats twice a day for the last two weeks, and the walls at least twice a week. We also have a foot wash mat in the room before they step on the mat. I have two weeks to get this cleared up before I also have to deal with the middle school wrestlers also.

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    Go to a doctor and get a prescription for lamasil. When I had ringworm they gave me a cream, as well as pills if needed.

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    Get over the counter lamasil on it NOW, put it on twice a day or more and it should dry up within a week. Make sure that the guys with exposed ringworm have it covered during practice.

    I deal with ringworm all the time, and lamasil works wonders.

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    I used skin cream before pratice and never had another ringworm for a year. I know it's not exactly a remedy, but it's a good addition to ringworm prevention. Other then that, get the medicine, and tell your wrestlers to take showers. and scrub. With shampoo.

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    yikes, 2 years ago Minnesota shut down wrestling(statewide) for acouple weeks or so after the clash because of ringworm. pretty scary stuff and good luck

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    rub some (medicated) selsun blue all over the infected area while taking a shower. Tell your guys that, and while they still are infected, have them sit out of practice.

    Selsun blue works pretty well, but it takes a few days, make a week or two for the infected area to go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnwrestlingfan View Post
    soak it in cider
    Would that be apple or Vinegar.. You are one sick puppy.

    We are doing pretty much what everyone said. First we clean the area with acetone(nail polish remover), then clean with Selsun Blue, and lastly put on Lamisil.

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    Also everyone has to get released by a Doctor before they can return to the mat.

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