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    Hey i'm diabetic, i'm 6 feet tall, and 180 lbs... i've been out for wreastling before, but i've missed the past 2 years because of diabetes, my cardio sucks and i dont know any moves. I'm pretty strong upper body, i can do 25 pull ups and my max bench is 190. Lower body isnt bad, but isnt good either... What can i do to get better?

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    How is your diabetes control? If good, do what other wrestlers do, work hard and don't give up. If not, you may not want to wrestle until you get yourself under control. Either way speak to your doctor about wrestling.
    I wrestled from 1974 to 1979 with type 1 diabetes. My son, also with type 1, wrestles varsity as a freshman.
    Diabetes control is critical and then just work hard.
    Great Luck

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