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    Im a JV wreslter for EHS and i wrestle at 145. This is currently my second year total wrestling and im a freshman. Last year in 8th grade i wrestled 160 and went 16-14. I am so angry right now because i am 0-3 right now for jv 145. Most of the kids there are tall and skinny and a little bit strong. I am very short like 5'5 and idk how to beat these kids bc i am so used to wrestling puds. I need help on what I should do.Tie up? Or should i play denfesnive and shoot and wait for them to do something. Please Help!

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    BUMP, plz I need to know if I should start shooting or tieing up for i can practice it at practice tom.

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    Honestly it's difficult to give you any specific advice unless I see some film of you wrestling. As a freshman at 145 going 0-3 isn't all that big of a deal, don't get in a habit of losing but just about everyone has taken their lumps. Keep drilling the moves your coach has you drill and you'll be fine.

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    Sorry, but no one can tell you what style wrestler you should be. There is no specific style for a given body type. Only you know what your strengths, or weaknesses, are. You are so new to the sport that you also don't need to "type cast" yourself. You must develop a complete repertoire of moves - maybe concentrating on those moves that make best use of your physical advantages. That said, you seem to be shorter with likely stronger legs for your weight class - some of those tall, skinny kids would love to have your "problem." Don't worry about their advantages, but concentrate on using your advantages against them. And don't worry about wins and losses - concentrate on getting better (to include during real matches) and the winning will follow.

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    I'm 5'9 and I've always had issues wrestling the tall lanky guys. What i've recently (within 3 years) learned to do was to sink my level low (one knee on the mat) and move side to side and attack using the outside single. If you're like me, I always seem to get trapped underneath on a double leg, and I can never get enough leverage to finish an inside single. (they sprawl and I lose the leg). If you get a guy who loves to collar tie...move him around to an ankle pick or use a duck under to score your takedowns...once down, the height advantage is gone, and you can use your compact power.

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