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Thread: Looking for advice

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    Ok I need some level headed advice as at the moment I am extremely angry.
    In our High School we have a teacher that is constantly telling our wrestlers that they need to eat and offering them unhealthy food in class (puppychow, 7 layer dip and chips, pop). We had 2 wrestlers that almost missed weight for a district dual last night because they ate and drank almost 3 pounds of food in her class, then had to sweat it off just hours before the dual. They were within a pound of their weight that morning after our morning run.
    This teacher is overweight as are her children, should I work my way up the chain of command to have this teacher told to mind her own business or should I confront her about it or just send a e-mail to her and the principle and the superintendent?
    Karissa is very healthy and chooses her own weight, her hyd - fat test says she can go to 93lb and still carry 12% body fat so I do not think 112lb is a unhealthy weight for her.
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    Tough one Tony.... If you don't think you can control your anger don't confront the teacher it will only make things worse.

    I would talk with the principal first and see if you can't come to an understanding of some sort regarding the teacher and her actions. If you don't get anywhere with the principal then go to the superintendent. I wouldn't send any e-mails unless you are using that as a vehicle to set up your meeting with the principal.
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    Go straight over her head and demand a Parent /Teacher/Admin /Meeting -this ''teacher'' needs to mind her own business -If Karissa were passing out in class or something then -MAYBE- Do THAT or she will never stop interfering .

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    This teacher said stuff to Karissa last year also but never put food on a plate and put it in front of her like she did Wed.
    This is a small town and I am a business owner so I need to handle this tactfully.
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    I would just go talk to her. Don't think of it as a trip to yell at her, but explain to her why that is bad and the stresses it puts on the kids to cut that 3 pounds in such a short time. If she insists on offering food (which you as Karissa's parent could tell her she can't do for Karissa), make it healthy, light things.

    Mostly, though, you've got to tell the kids that it's ultimately on them and they've got to be strong and resist the temptation. That teacher certainly can't "make" them eat.

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    I had a teacher like this in high school. My father simply went down to the school and sat down with her. He explained to her that I was very dedicated to my sport and that I was losing weight well within the set guidelines. He also said that by putting food in front of me she was causing undue stress that could have worse effects than the weight cutting. Karissa needs to understand that there will always be people who try and stand in her way, and she needs to be strong and not give in. I am also from a small town and this really worked well for me. I wish you luck.

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    I would talk to her AND the principal. In today's world it's always better to have a "witness". The teacher needs some education herself. You might want to pull some materials from the NWCA's Fitness 4 Life page (says the fat guy) and share them with her.

    And say "hey" to Karissa for me and best wishes to you and your family for the holidays.
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    Thanks guys.
    Jim I will print some stuff from that site, my wife talked me into waiting till the holiday break was over to talk to the teacher so that I had time to cool down.
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    It the teacher is overweight herself, she probably won't listen to any explanations about kids losing weight, heathy diets, or hydration/body fat calculations. I'd go to the Principal, explain the situation, and ask him/her how best to handle it. That way, the ball is in his court. If you're not satisfied with his plan of action or the outcome, then it's time to develop a Plan B.
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