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    I'd pound her into a 7 layer dip then eat her.

    Seriously, it starts with the wrestlers. If they dont partake, and are dedicated to their sports, then they'll politley refuse the offerings. The teacher can't make them eat, period. I realize it's tempting, but all wrestlers are faced with the dilemma. Also, set up a parent teacher conference and lay out the cards. Ask the teacher how she would feel if you made her kids eat a half a cup of green beans and a protein shake for supper?

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    Where is the wrestling Coach in all of this matter?
    As long as you the parent, the wrestler, and the coach have a understanding on what is a safe weight for your child to wrestler. Then the Coach and the Athletic Director should take the lead on this with your child (The wrestler) and you the parent best interst in heart.

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    The first step should be a simple discussion- face to face, on the phone, or by email- with the teacher, to the tone of "I'm not sure you realize this, but by offering food to the wrestlers you are making it difficult for them to control their weight. These athletes are getting enough to eat, and are willingly following these diet plans to optimise their athletic preformance."

    There is at least a possiblity the teacher will say "oh, crap, I'm sorry" and leave it well enough alone. If she won't you might need to talk to administration, but try to conversation first, it might be nothing more than unclear thinking on her part.

    Also, like Badcat says, the athletes need to take some responsibility for their own weight management, and should politely decline, If the teacher intimidates them into eating, then you do have a problem and I suggest going to administration with that.

    Finally, I hope your wrestlers aren't looking like hell warmed over at school. If they are, they might need to tweak their weight cutting routine just a bit, it is natural for a teacher to be concerned for an athlete that looks like he/she is going to die in class.

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    Talk to your team mates about self control. Its not her fault! She doesn't understand the sport obviously, so why is it so much her fault? Especially if you haven't confronted her yet.

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    Is it just wrestler's that she is targeting or is she giving food to all students? If it is just wrestler's, perhaps a conversation with her to figure out her motives is step one? If it is all students I think step one would be to go to the principal. In either case, finding out if the school has a wellness policy (as many do these days) would also be a good idea and I think could help be more tactful (? not sure thats the word I want).

    From personal experience, I teach grades 7-12 and do give my kids food (mainly because many come from low income families and often come to school without breakfast and leave not knowing if they will get supper) however, the daily things I give out are granola bars, apple slices, pretzels, and whole grain cereal. Every once in a while I do give out treats as a reward/motivator (ie the first group to get the definition's to these key terms gets a treat tomorrow...dull stuff that has to get done and I need a way to light a fire under them) but I think that is part of teaching a balanced, healthy lifestyle-good stuff all day, every day with treats sprinkled in. I have a real problem with a teacher passing on unhealthy eating habits to all students, as that is a struggle for many parents to teach.

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