I would love a coach's perspective on my weight. My son is a sophmore, 4th year wrestling. Last year he was one win away from qualifying for the state tournament. He is a good wrestler, but not a stud. His team is weak (very inexperienced) so he is the 2nd best wrestler on the team. The best wrestler and 3rd best wrestler are both significantly larger than he is.

He is short at 5'6" and muscular. He ended football season at 144. He is currently at 134, wrestling 135. He had no trouble dropping the 9 lb by adjusting his diet and increasing conditioning. He lifts weights year round and competes on the school weightlifting team. He had the highest bench press on the JV team even at his small size. His weightlifting/football coach want him to lift at 154 in the spring.

He was certified to go to 130. He wants to go to 130 but his coaches don't want him to go to 130. They say he will be weak, lose muscle, and they would rather see him stay at 135 except maybe at a few duals where they could use him at 140 (he wrestled 140 the first week).

I agree with the coaches. He is young (still 15), still growing, and 135 is a very manageable weight for him as he continues to grow and build muscle. He is already very lean.

What do you look at when you make a recommendation about what weight class a kid should wrestle?