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Thread: Can you help me help our Modified Wrestling Team?

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    TV Can you help me help our Modified Wrestling Team?

    My youngest son has just joined his middle schools wrestling team. He has been looking forward to it for years as he was dragged from match to match, watching his big brothers wrestle for years.

    But we have found his experience a little disappointing compared to our older sons experience. I have just found out recently that over the years the middle schools wrestling equipment and gear have slowly dwindled down due to over use, theft and/or lose.

    Because this is a Modified team, and isn?t as ?important? to the school district as the Junior Varsity or Varsity team, the school has made major budget cuts to the program.

    Therefore parents have to supply everything from headgear to shoes to singlet?s. Although, the mats are in fine shape (only because they are hand-me down from the high school) we are in constant need for the tape to hold them together. (Which I hear is expensive)

    Most parents, like myself do not have a problem with supplying for our kids, but I have noticed several families have been forced to pull their kids out of the program because they just can not afford the gear. Our team has gone from 34 boys to 21 in the last week.

    Although there is a wonderful team of people that make up our wrestling community and our Booster Club, the monies raised by raffle tickets and other fund raisers are again, put to use mainly for the JV and Varsity team.

    So now I find myself trying to find a way to offset the costs for parents by possibly buying supplies, such as the headgear in bulk, or at a discounted rate or even donated (free would be very nice!) as a donation to the modified wrestling program.

    If there is anyone out there that has any information that can assist me, it would be greatly appreciated not only by me but by many of kids present and future on our team!

    A dedicated Wrestling Mom!

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    What my wrestling team did was talk to fundraising university and they gave use a bunch of cards with our schedules on them. What they had on those cards is coupons to a bunch of local shops, like ours had sam and louies and cold stone creamery. They go around selling these cards and there are checkpoints along the way. Then at the end, what we did was we went out for about another hour selling those cards, and then they provide you food and they give away some cash prizes at the end.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, I will look into that now

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    God Bless you Shantara, I love when people stand up and take action. Especially for the youth, as well as for this great sport.

    I suggest starting with requesting sponsorships from local businesses in exchange for Ads on the wrestling website. We send out sponsorship letters to the local businesses, hand signed by all the coaches, requesting their help in youth sports. Also, if you can get approval, hold a youth/Junior high tournament. If you set your concessions up correctly with donations of baked goods, drinks, and hot foods, run 4 mats and limit the entrants to 300 wrestlers (roughly 6 hours) you should bring in anywhere from $1000 to $1500 on the day. You'll need a lot of volunteers. 19 people on the mats alone, and another 10 or more on concessions.

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    Thank you so much for the support.

    I like the idea of a youth tournament, I don't think we hold any for out modified team. But right now I am the only person working on this idea and I dont think I can pull something like that off so early in the season.
    But it is something I can work with the coaches and booster club for a later date.

    Can school teams ask for support from businesses in exchange for advertising? I dont know if that is against a policy or anything. Something I will have to look into also.

    I really appreciate the ideas and the support. Thank you!

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