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Thread: Tips for a new wrestler????

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    If you're lucky enough to get your body perpendicular as in the video, you could also use your left arm to capture the leg and drive to get a reversal. The move is very risky if you lose grip and I've only ever seen this move work once in my lifetime and that was at the 185 lb class way back when. The guy who used the move spent the summer working on it. Get the two points and ride him.

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    Listen was said previously, stick to the basics. Learn to chain wrestle (Put moves together in a sequence). If you don't get out on the first sequence then do it again. Wrestle as if you were on fire. Constantly stay moving. I wrestle in college and can tell you from experience that drilling moves over and over helps tremendously. You want to be able to do your few basic moves in your sleep. The half has actually worked for me in college (granted it is NCAA Div. II). Learn to utilize the power of your hips. Good luck

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    the power half is one of the best ways to put a strong/ experienced wrestler on his back. it always works for me, and if you like riding iowa, try a 3/4 quarter nelson.

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