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Thread: Meal Replacement Protein Bar

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    Default Meal Replacement Protein Bar

    Hello, I'm considering replacing my school lunch with a meal replacement protein bar.

    Right now I'm currently dropping from 155 to 145, so I need one that's pretty low in fat and calories.

    My BMI is about 12-16% I believe so I have some fat to lose, but I have weights about 50min before lunch and I would like to get more out of it.

    If I left out any critical details, please ask, but if anything could I get some opinions and bars that I should look into.

    -Thanks in advance.

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    The protein bars that have worked for me are the Clif Builders and Detour. Both very high quality bars. And as far as the replacing your school lunch for "meal replacement" bar. I don't suggest it. Food always beats bar. Unless the food is like Taco Bell quality.

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    Trust me it's worse then Taco Bell. The bar I was looking into was the SS Research Pro 42

    It costs about as much as I pay for school lunch, most likely tastes better, and is better for me.

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    im just using slim fast.

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    What do they serve you at lunch?! I'm curious. I always thought school lunch had to have the required nutrients and protein from the food charts and had to go through inspection from the health department or whatnot. I though it was a standard, but I don't know.

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    Just like any food... Subs, Hamburgers, Pizza, Hotdogs, Chicken Sand-witches, salads.

    But the thing is that its gov. budget and they feed 2600 people... which means everything is horrible cheap, plastic looking/ tasting and gross.

    On the health note... they bake everything or microwave it, and to replace french fries they used Sweet Potato fries, I hope you understand why I want to go to meal replacement SS research pro 42.

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    Our food is pretty good, but I'm sure it's really unhealthy. Since it's offseason, I just eat as much as I can to repair my muscles quicker and be bigger and stronger.

    During season while I'm cutting, I usually don't worry about bulking up or anything, and usually I'll just have a banana/granola bar at lunch. I guess you can take the protein bar, since I'm sure it won't be useless calories.

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    Ok, Thanks for the help guys!

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    Don't forget to drink plenty of water to move your nutrients and I think it makes your muscles look bigger, since muscle tissue is like 3/4 water.

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