Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and I'd like to start out by saying, Wrestling season is only a few months away and I cant wait. I wreslted at 189 freshmen year, did amazing then broke my ankle forced to quit the season. Sophmore year, I broke the same ANKLE in open mats and coudnt compete the season. Junior year, I broke my other leg in football camp and now... this year.
I fracutred my ankle (same ankle that was broken twice) from a trampoline while I was wrestling on it. It's healed now, but I'm scared I'll break it again. Is it safe to wear a ankle brace while wrestling? I've cut all the way to 155-160 at 12%BF, Im very explosive and wish i can get back what i had really.

Any ways to prevent leg injurys?
I'm going to buy this dummy from combatsports, it weighs 140 pounds and its made for wrestling. ah .. i cant stand shadow wrestling >_<! I