Old Ball Coach MMA

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  1. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    **** CAP, he my motherfucken *****!
  2. Pimach
    i didnt get nothin old Ball Coach, you sure you sent them to the right number?
  3. clmetal
    Who's has declined? Also claudale talks to cap on the phone at night so maybe he can lure him here.


    I'm glad themat is falling apart - Minimod thought he could f#ck with everyone and we were imprisoned to stay. Banning Adolf was a blessing since we gave this place a try and it is way better.
    We have a good Mod relationship and they like to post too. Plus I like the possibility of meeting new wrestling fans; that's not something you can expect unless you are in a wrestling-first forum

    BAMA asked how to accept this invite in the Adolf thread
  4. clmetal
    That's Minimods fault Metsfan. He messed with everyone over there and eventually people got tired of it. Hell, thecobra was due to return and then the post leading up to his follow up post gets deleted.
    I thought we should have left the first time he deleted the thread of Cobra's fight. He did it as soon as Cobra entered the thread to talk about the fight - really disrespectful.

    But Minimod apologized and asked us to put the footage back up. then he deletes it again.

    After Adolf was banned, he would delete any questions about it or talk of moving. I was in my car on my BB and I recall reading posts by Pimach and GH and they would be gone instantly (mine too). Remember then Pimach had had it and I was on board with that too

    Going back to the mat now is like going from HD TV to a black and white tube anyways.
  5. BamaJen
    Hey guys! I am here, thanks Pimach for assuming I wouldn't come.

    May I just mention also... that if I am to ever meet any of you in person, I will punch each of you in the face who continue to call my boobs milk jugs/bags! Thanks... =)

    Gopher... seriously dude... please stop talking about me like that. every once in a while its funny, but all the time dude? seriously. Thanks
  6. MetsFan
    Somebody get thecobra on here!!
  7. Pimach
    BamaJen, I just thought maybe some of our resident pervs had scared you away.
  8. Pimach
    Metsfan, I'm gonna ask Cobra about showing up, but I wouldnt expect him anytime soon.
  9. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    Welcome Jenny. I will do my best to stop talking about your beautiful milk pillows. If you ever do meet me, I admit I deserve a good punching to the face. thanks for being a good sport and accepting our invite. We need you here and very happy that you accepted.

    I second that Metsfan, we need thecobra here. Perhaps Cl or Pimach can update us on what he's up to. I have emailed with him somewhat, back and forth, but we certainly aren't very close. The guy is very elusive it seems.

    And how about CAPpy? I think we need him here too, and our migration will be complete.
  10. Pimach
    Adolf, Cobra has been unreachable lately, I heard that he's been out living it up since that Philly trip, I hope that he isnt getting to heavily into the devils brew or his liver is gonna shrivel up like a prune. Im trying to find an excuse to get back to Vegas, so I can hang out with him and his friend B. McGee.
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