Old Ball Coach MMA

  1. leglace
    I added 2.
  2. rustyshackleford
    What part of Fl are you from, leg?
  3. clmetal
    Cool Leglace - I guess you have a kid?
  4. the518
    rumor has it, this may be adolph right here......
  5. Wiltz
    I will have to find an decent picture I'm not near as good looking as Cap 8).

    I don't want to out Homer in here, unless he is cool with telling you who he is. Homer wrestled at ASU, that's how he knows CB and Bader. I don't think he fights.
  6. Pimach
    Hey Wiltz, If I put a pic up of myself, you can do it. I look like a gargoyle.
  7. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf, I think you took that quote from "Colors"

    I don't get it. What's "Colors"? Must be some South Philly lingo that I'm not familiar with. Whatever it is, I don't see the humor in it. I heard that back in the old country about 40 years ago and I have lived by it ever since. Patience has been the key to my success. The many switcharoos for example.
  8. Wiltz
    I was just kidding my ass is prettier than Cap. Even if it is harry. LOL.

    I will get one up this week. I will try and do it from home I can't post pictures from work I tried it never works.
  9. Pimach
    Colors is a classic in American Cinema.
  10. Wiltz
    Pimach per Jensens agreement with Craig Sesker we won't talk about him on the forum. He could very well be mini mod. He used to delete shit all the time. He was banning people right and left. He banned jensen and then Jensen started the first version of wrestlingtalk.
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