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  1. p-jersey
    Who's has declined? Also claudale talks to cap on the phone at night so maybe he can lure him here.
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  2. Pimach
    I dont iknow that anyone has declined, i think they havent responded.

    LOL about Claudale
  3. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    I don't know that anyone has declined. It's the guys (and girl) you see here, plus the list I posted of utstanding invites. Also, add greco-zag to the list of invites I sent out.

    Cappy would be our prized gem. LoL
  4. p-jersey
    Is Greco Zag the same Zag from themat? I thought he was like 22 but then Greco-Zag was talking about kids and being a teacher.
  5. gopher hunter
    gopher hunter
    GH has accepted and will patiently await the arrival of fat *******. Get that top heavy bamajen over here too.
  6. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    Greco-Zag is a grown man and outstanding greco competitor. I met him at Olympic trials in Las Vegas and we had a grand ol' time. He is a class act and quality individual. Were it not for him, I wouldn't have been able to smuggle in a couple of bottles of Wild Turkey into the venue (he had an all access pass and brought them in with his gear). A real good guy who as a token of good will and friendship, gave me several articles of clothing from his Air force team.
  7. Pimach
    I hope you gave him a monte cristo for helping you out
  8. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    I did. he was very low key with smoking in front of everyone, but he definitley accepted and promptly lit up. Greco-Zag, an original good guy.
  9. gopher hunter
    gopher hunter
    Where is milk bags damn it!?!?! Bathe her and bring her in!
  10. MetsFan
    Thanks for the invite Adolf. Looks like the gang is almost all here!
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