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  1. clmetal
    Rusty, where's the GIF version?

    Actually, PJ, he told me his friend is the one who told him to say you have vampire teeth. But read his post today - it's not perfectly clear, but I think he was saying he engaged a friend to talk to both Cobra and I (perhaps so sound more respectable?). So maybe I was talking to his friend who came up with the vampire joke.

    He is back to sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher. I think he was hoping to bow out with some dignity, so isn't getting insult help as he's trying to quick cold turkey.
  2. Pimach
    Cl, the crapster also claimed that you were talking bad about our boy PJ, we need a confirmation or denial for the record.
  3. rustyshackleford
    You ask and you shall recieve...
  4. clmetal
    He said I was talking badly about Marston; he said Cobra was dissing PJ and GH.

    Called GH ugly and said PJ was annoying and stuck out with all the ladies in LV - lol.
  5. p-jersey
    haha I did not even really speak to any ladies when I was with Pimach and Cobra. However on Friday night I did hook up with a 40 year old who was far from a cougar. I had to take one the chin and be a wing man, it was not something I was proud of but it was a funny story.
  6. Pimach
    i thought he was referring to you, my bad.

    PJ, i forgot that you had to jump on the grenade. do share the details for our friends that werent there
  7. clmetal
    As you recall PJ, Cobra thought CAP was making stories up to piss him off so Cobra wouldn't want to meet up so it wouldn't be CAP's fault.

    When I spoke to CAP he thought you were from Summit, which is odd. I told him I was years ago and Cobra didn't even recall the town I was from. I told him you grew up in both Salem and Pitman. He asked me about you, Adolf, GH, Dingo and Dave
  8. p-jersey
    I never grew up in Salem. I have lived in Pitman my whole life.

    He seems to get the two of us confused as he also thought I was living in Philly now.
  9. clmetal
    Correct, I read that part too. I would assume it was from something Cobra said, but he didn't even know Summit, so couldn't have said that.

    Perhaps he remembers talking to me years ago and thought it was you. Gutfist is also from Summit, but he doesn't live in Philly. And the UFC said that Edgar was born in Summit - perhaps just the hospital, not sure if he ever lived there.
  10. clmetal
    PJ - you need an AV already
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