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  1. Pimach
    OBC, I think that since the powers that be (Schlottke, Wiltz, Jensens, Snakerattle and MMA Reporter) arent answering your question, I think that PJers can give the ok for your pics, being a mod and all.

    PJers, please give the OBC your blessing.
  2. p-jersey
    I have no problem with the pics since this is designed to be a closed group. Ill ask schlottke to make it private again so that we can post with out fear of deletions.
  3. MetsFan
    Yeah, that closed group thing didn't go so well this past summer now did it? What's shakin' fellas?
  4. Pimach
    HaHa, Mets misses the closed group
  5. MetsFan
    Mini East Coast Summit with MetsFan, clmetal, leglace, & gutfirst was a success. Who knew Buffalo Wild Wings had a VIP section? We could've used Big Win to man the door though. Claudale took a pic which I'm sure he'll post when he comes on here.
  6. Pimach
    glad to hear the East Coast summit went down well Mets. I take it CAP didnt make it?
  7. Wiltz
    LOL, like CAP's mom was driving him to BWW
  8. leglace
    Metsfan, lol, I offered 50 bucks for a velvet rope. They couldn't find one.
  9. clmetal
    We had a good place and it was a good time - I will post the picture; I was thinking of the Adolf thread to keep that alive and packed
  10. MetsFan
    leglace - I'm sure Adolf could've gotten us that velvet rope ... as well as a box of cubans to pass around. We did OK though.

    We need our picture evidence though Claudale. And, when are we going to South America?

    Pimach - There was no CAP sighting ... although we were only a stone's throw from Rutgers.
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