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  1. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    Why would I get banned for posting this delicious little kitten here in our private group? Tell me you don't object brother
  2. p-jersey
  3. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    You like that, huh PJ?
  4. Pimach
    if you arent banned yet, then you should be ok, you never know when it comes to posting vaj pics.
  5. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    Pimach this is our private group. We're suppose to be able to post anything we want in here.
  6. Pimach
    thats when it was closed OBC, now anyone can get in here. but if its all good, then post away I got no objection.
  7. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    Are you serious, this is no longer private? I thought they addressed that issue months ago. Wiltz can we get a confirmation up in here? Are we private and are we allowed to post as we see fit? Thanks.
  8. Wiltz
    As far as I know we have been public for about 6 months. IDK why it happened I have asked Schlottke a couple of times but, I don't think he ever got anywhere with it.
  9. p-jersey
    Schlottke is a man of mystery. It disappears for weeks at time unable to be reached. He is helping me with something and he told me to bug him on a daily or weekly basis as he has a lot on his plate and tends to forget about some things.
  10. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    Is it safe to assume that we can post freely, (even explicit pics) in this section? I hate violating forum rules or even slightly pushing the envelop. Please advise as I have a slew of nude pics, (close ups) that I'd like to share, (be advised I appear in some of them in all my glory).
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