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  1. MetsFan
    Cool. Anyone heard from dpara?
  2. clmetal
    Metsfan - I think you are the only one who talks to him. I used to speak to him years ago and I don't understand why he only posted here like 3 times.

    Leglace, I'm once thought you could get CAP to show up, but now I doubt it (and not because you blew him off at your brother's BBQ).
  3. leglace
    As i told you, I lost all interest in him once he denied he is the person in the photos and the person who spoke to you on the phone. For all I know, he'll deny he hung out with us.

    For the record, I invited him to brothers for 4th of July and or the day after. He couldn't make it. So he was never blown off. I have the email...
  4. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    Leglace I am told that on another thread, (on another site) it is being said that your name is actually Hector, (I wont reveal the last name). Do you mind confirming this, or denying if it is not accurate? The individual relaying this to me says that it is coming directly from CAP. From the sound of things, the two of you know each other a lot better than it has previously appeared. Not trying to start anything big man, I will take your word over speculation, 3rd hand, originating with CAP. Let us know brother.
  5. Pimach
    oh man this is getting interesting, is OBC the new Metsfan???
  6. leglace
    You guys are messing with me right?

    Let me guess, am I now Peurto Rican? lol
    You could look up my name in linked in, Myspace, and Facebook all with the same photo and affiliated Wrestling.

    I will be Driving up to NJ between Dec 20-Jan 5. I would be available to watch UFC 108 Jan 2 if anyone is interested.

    By the way, I don't really look like Ben Stiller...
  7. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    geez a 16 day drive? What are you driving, PJ's Vespa???
  8. leglace
    Ha ha. You..you..very funny you.
  9. leglace
    Do they provide snow tires for Vespas. Just asking.
  10. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
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