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  1. DH
    Has no one really posted on here in 10 days? Geez, rough times in the OBC group.
  2. p-jersey
    Claudale i believe the P stands for Pjersey.

    DH, feel free to post your pics here or more likely feel free to send to my personal email address.
  3. Pimach
    DH, you know how it goes around here, the forum gets hot then cools off for a bit.
  4. clmetal
    This is for P-Jersey - involves South Jersey pride; the number one golf course in the world is in his backyard.

    I'm sure he's never seen it and I bet he didn't even know it existed (too busy hitting on chicks at nearby Clementon Park)

    Only Adolf is connected enough to play at a place like this (frequented by former presidents) - maybe VAK in the near future too

    My bro snuck a picture on a course you can almost never go to:

  5. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    I can't see the pic Claudale.

    I thouhgt I had scared everyone away by posting some women.
  6. clmetal
    Adolf, I am reluctant to go to the group from work (and the Adolf thread) but I enjoyed the women.

    Have you played Pine Valley, Adolf? I will upload the phot again
  7. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
  8. clmetal
    PJ - here it is. Did you know about this place? You told me you always had an annual pass for Clementon Park, which is down the road.

  9. MetsFan
    Hey ... just stopping by to say what up!
  10. DingoBrigade
    MF in the mf'in house
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