Old Ball Coach MMA

  1. p-jersey
    He did not tell me that specifically but he posts at viratas website.
  2. Wiltz
    Anybody know for sure? I mean seems odd that Mets would up and move to theopenmat. Hardly any "good" discussions going on over there. Maybe i should start a d-bag thread here. 90% of the discussion over there is idoitic from what little I've read.
  3. p-jersey
    I dont think he posts to much on the regulars threads over there just the lxp group. I think his personal life has definitely slowed down his overall postings dramatically.
  4. Pimach
    that sucks, cause I liked Mets, I hope he didnt get mad cause I told him not to be dipping his carrot into the blue cheese anymore.
  5. BamaJen
    Yea I'd say his personal life is slowing him down... His wife posted on my personal page and being a sarcastic b*tch. So I kindly responded to her.
  6. Wiltz
    Seriously she posted on your page Jen. What did she say?
  7. p-jersey
    "aww thats so nice that your proud of my husband! how sweet."

    then bj laid into her.
  8. Wiltz
    Is MF getting back together with her???
  9. Pimach
    Wiltz, I think he may have. he mentioned something on the adolf thread about it a couple of weeks ago. that coupled with BJ's revelation that his wife is posting here, I'd say chances are pretty good that they are back together.

    But that dont mean he cant hang out with us anymore.
  10. Adolf Oliverbush
    Adolf Oliverbush
    Guys, Old Adolf here checking in. I just gave my stripper girlfriend her walking papers. Sure she was taking more nuts than a family of squirrels, but she's just too dumb to keep around any longer. She has the whitest teeth in town and she's been living it up at my estate for months now. No more free rides. We had a huge melt down and I went ahead and told her it was time to go. I didn't fall in Love and although her feelings were extremely strong for Adolf, she accepted my decision and took her things this morning. Adolf is single now and will be on the prowl.
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