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  1. MetsFan
    PJ said he and Pimach never connected in Vegas. Not sure if either one met up with thecobra and/or Adolf.
  2. p-jersey
    Pimach and Cobra and I believe Adolf met up on Saturday night. I saw cobra very briefly on Friday night.

    I was with a large group of people who had differing interests so it was difficult to get everyone on the same page and over to where Pimach and them were.

    The weekend was awesome. Friday night we had bottle service at studio 54, our table was right near where BJ Penn, Heath Herring, and Manny Gamburyan were.

    There was also a table full of older butter faces. They all had amazing bodies with fake boobs but as you got closer you saw that the darkness was a friend of theirs.
  3. p-jersey
    Saturday night we got bottle service at LAX that was also a lot of fun. We had our bouncer tell us he would bring over girls and if we did not like them he would kick them out. Well he brought over two hookers and before I knew what happened the girl was grabbing my crotch and asking if i wanted to go have fun. Of course I said no and gave her the boot but not before asking if she was impressed with the goods. The other guy i was with did not realize the other girl was a hooker and was about to pour her a big glass of vodka, fortunately i was able to jump in and slap some sense into him and give her the boot as well.

    Finally we ended up back at one of the bars in the mgm with some lady friends. Since I am spoken for my role in the weekend was to serve as the ultimate wingman. The funny thing is the girl i was talking to was one of the cuter ones out of the group. I think what impressed her was when I told her I have 15,000+ posts accumulated on various message boards.
  4. p-jersey
    At around 5 am we passed a wasted little guy who tried to hit on one of our girls. I was to step to him in and put him in a dustin hazelett like submission before I realized it was jeremy stephens and had visions of the uppercut from hell. At that point I yelled in a little girl voice "hey jeremy stephens great fight tonight." A little later I also Gabriel Gonzaga and his crew also wasted and the last stragglers I saw were Florians coachs Mark Dellgrotte and Peter Welch.

    Basically everywhere I went over the weekend I saw fighters unfortunately I did not see my man Bisping.

    My brother was on the plane with Dos Anjos and I had him pass a long a message that he was a bum who blew my twt pick ems contest.
  5. DingoBrigade
    Good blog, Peej. Nice addition to this blog.
  6. Wiltz
    So no pics either, PJ? WTF is up with you two.
  7. p-jersey
    I personally did not take any pictures but the people I was with took many so I will have to add some when they send them to me. I will need some patience from you Wiltz.
  8. Wiltz
    lol, PJ you have one job a you f'd it up. Get a picture of Adolf. Apparently getting a picture of Adolf is like getting a picture of Nessy or a f'n Yeti.
  9. p-jersey
    I thought I saw a few older german gentleman but I can not be sure.

    My gambling experience this time was much more strategic. My previous trip to Vegas was my first time there so I was playing on pure emotion.

    I blacked out for like 30 minutes and lost hundreds of dollars. I am not a good gambler to begin with but then I got thrown into that environment and I was making decisions that made no sense.

    This time I was much more controlled, and befriended the dealer and the people around me gained their sympathy and had them help me make crucial decisions. While I didnt win big I was able to stay on the tables and have some fun and I did walk away with close to a hundred dollars.
  10. Wiltz
    No problem PJ at least you had a good time.
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