Old Ball Coach MMA

  1. the518
    dh, we were going to post our nudes but thought it awkward without you here. so we went with the pets.
  2. DH
    Speaking of which, PJ was supposed to post naked pics. But I guess he chickened out.
  3. Pimach
    DH, He was waiting for you to post your pics first, he told me so.
  4. MetsFan
    Pimach - You headed to Vegas today? Or going tomorrow? What about p-jersey?
  5. Pimach
    I'm headed over there tomorrow afternoon, probably get there just before the fights start. I think PJ is either there already or will be there soon.
  6. MetsFan
    Hope you guys have a great time (I'm sure you will). Bring back some pics.
  7. Pimach
    Thanks Mets. I'll try and bring some back, Im calling the Old Ball Coach when I get there
  8. DH
    So where are our updates from Vegas? Come on, guys! I hope you are having a great trip!!!

    NAGA went OK, they tried to put me in the expert division even though it was my first real grappling tourney just because of my wrestling background. They finally consented to put me in intermediate, and I took 3rd out of 8 girls. (I lost to the eventual champ and dominated the other girls I fought, 8-1 and 6-0). So it was ok I guess. But I still wish I could have gone to Vegas!

    At least I won my bet on the Brock/Randy match... albeit it was only 10 bucks and a back massage, but I still won

    You guys better post some good photos from Vegas, or I will be pissed!
  9. the518
    my bet is you'll be pissed, cuz there won't be any vegas pics.
  10. Wiltz
    Where are the pictures? Pimach, Get your ass over to Wal-mart and develop those mofos!
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